Mission Trip: Belize 2021

Our last God’s Work Today mission was to Belize, September 11-18, 2021.  Our team helped to build a facility including a dorm and bathhouse for Camp SeKonsa, a Christian ministry that serves special needs children.

About Camp Se Konsa:  Mark and Dana Emmons moved to Belize without a plan, only faith. They knew God was calling them to full-time mission work, so in faith, they moved their family to Belize and began loving those around them. They have three special needs children in their family, so as they began getting to know the people around them, they were especially aware of the families who also had special needs children. They were sad to see how little is understood about special needs kids in Belize and how few opportunities those children and their families have.

So, they decided to build a special needs camp. When completed, Camp Se Konsa (https://www.campsekonsa.com/) will be the first camp of its kind in the whole country. It will be a safe and fun place where special needs children and their caregivers can come for a few days or up to a week. It will have handicap-accessible dorms and a bathhouse, as well as a handicap-accessible playground, complete with a wheelchair-compatible merry-go-round!