Which church to join is an important decision! Often it involves family issues, religious questions that need to be answered, and sensing whether one feels “at home” in worship.

The Information Class is designed to be an informal means of learning about the main teachings of Christianity and an introduction to Our Shepherd. You will learn (or review) what is necessary to be a disciple of Jesus and the main teachings of the Christian Church. In addition, you will be familiarized with the unique aspects of Our Shepherd Lutheran Church.

If you are unfamiliar with the Lutheran Church, we suggest you attend this class. This is especially important for couples thinking of marriage who come from different spiritual backgrounds! It’s extremely beneficial to be on the same spiritual page when getting married!

When you have gone through the Information Class, you will be given the opportunity to join Our Shepherd as a member. You will not be pressured to join. The desire to be a disciple of Jesus at Our Shepherd should come from within, and at the right time.