Our Beliefs

Our Shepherd is a conservative Christian community doctrinally, yet we have adopted a casual, or contemporary, worship liturgically. This means you will get a “Bible-based” teaching and preaching at Our Shepherd, but you will not be bored to death.

We teach things such as the infallibility and inspiration of the Bible, which means the Bible is without error and that we have exactly what God wanted to say to us.

We teach traditional Christianity – that Jesus is the Son of God and is divine, that miracles like the virgin conception of Jesus in Mary and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead actually happened and are historical events.

We teach that Heaven and Hell are realities that people will experience for eternity and that knowing Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven.

We teach that abortion for convenience, pursuit of a homosexual lifestyle, divorce for “irreconcilable differences” etc. are sins that need to be repented of.

We are not Biblical “literalists” who see certain prophecies like descriptions of beasts and bowls of wrath described in the book of Revelation as literally coming true. We teach that these are symbolic of spiritual realities, which can be understood now.

If you are looking for a church with a solid Biblical foundation and conservative values, then Our Shepherd may be the church for you!