The Word Today

The Word Today’s Three-Fold Purpose

  • Bringing God’s Word to the World
  • Applying God’s Truths to Daily Life
  • Praising God for the Wonderful Gift of Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ

Our Approach

An everyday “word” is used to apply God’s Word to daily life situations. The everyday conversational style used by our speakers not only appeals to Christians, but also has gained the attention of the unchurched.

Our History

In 1978 we began broadcasting on one station. God has blessed The Word Today tremendously! Our weekly program is now being broadcast across the globe in 67 different languages and dialects, including broadcasts to Africa, China, India, and Russia.

To see a listing of our languages and the countries we are broadcast in click here.

Our Invitation

We invite you to join us in reaching the world for Christ! All gifts go directly to the ministry–no speaker’s fees or director’s fees or salaries are paid.

With your gift of $25.00 or more you can receive the book Coping: Spiritual Power for Your Daily Living by Rev. Paul R. Schroeder, speaker on The Word Today. Please state if you would like the book when you send your gift and it will promptly be sent to you.

You will be blessed as you carry out God’s Great Commission to reach the world with the news of salvation. Your gifts are tax-deductible and may be sent to:

The Word Today
P.O. Box 77
Greendale, WI 53129

The Word Today radio program is heard locally on Sunday mornings at 7:45 on WJYI 1340 AM and at 8:30 on WRJN 1400 AM. We have a website at that enables listeners around the world to hear and read the program at their convenience!