A church can be casual and worshipful! You will find inspiring music, understandable sermons and the joy of Christ in the hearts of the people at Our Shepherd.

The Word of God is accepted as true, reliable and applied to contemporary issues.

You will find contemporary, traditional and “blended” worship services, giving you variety in worship.

Seasonal artwork behind the altar brings spiritual themes to life!

We have a fully equipped nursery for parents to take young children if needed during the service.  The audio from church is played in the nursery.

The monthly “Prayer of Healing” and “Prayer of Thanksgiving” give opportunity during worship to acknowledge God’s working in our lives.

Styles of Worship

Pastor Doug relates: “I once was at a church service where a member of the congregation was sitting ahead of me. She turned around during a sermon that was obviously boring to her and made eye contact with a woman sitting adjacent to me. She rolled her eyes and shrugged slightly, indicating, ‘I have no clue what he’s talking about — and IT’S BORING!’ I vowed that I would do as best I could as a leader that no one would ever feel that way at Our Shepherd!”

“Zombie-itis” is the term Pastor Doug has given to the semi-comatose state that can set in when worship becomes boring. At Our Shepherd, we strive to keep worship balanced between reverence and respect for God and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s not about entertainment value, nor a purely emotional experience. It’s about connecting with God in a meaningful way that’s not boring.

People come to Our Shepherd looking for different flavors of worship: traditional, contemporary and a blend of the two. We try to accommodate these preferences by having all three types of worship. Come consistently to a service in any time slot such as 10:30 am Sunday, and you’ll experience over the weeks all three flavors. You’ll get enough of your favorite flavor of worship and grow to appreciate the others, too.

All of our services have the same reverent and relaxed atmosphere. Worship is a time for serenity, introspection, celebration, and togetherness. It’s a time for being comfortable but also contemplative. We seek to be informal, but respectful towards God.